How do I get the best video quality?

There are a lot of simple things you can do to improve your video quality, even with basic webcams and cameras. Getting your background, your lighting and your presentation right can make a big difference.

  • Choose a bright room with soft background light.
  • Move around with the camera to find a simple and tidy background.
  • Have a desk light in front of you to light up your face.
  • Raise the camera to eye level. If you have a laptop put it on a box or similar.
  • Look at your outline in the camera view – get close enough so you mainly see your head and shoulders


Overall you should try and move the lights around so your image is clear and bright in the camera, and, if you wear glasses, turn down monitor brightness to minimize the glare. 

If you have low bandwidth it is particularly important to keep as much as possible of the image bright. Dark pictures require more data to be sent - another reason to have good light.

By creating a good light environment and following these simple tips, you will get good results even with a simple camera.

Remember that the image that you see in your practice session will be equal in quality and sound to what the company will see when they are reviewing your interview.


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