(Hard Bounce)Removing/Adding candidates to/from Interview

A hard bounce is an email that couldn't be delivered for permanent reasons. Maybe the email's a fake address, maybe the email domain isn't a real domain, or maybe the email recipient's server won't accept emails.

In order to rectify a situation where a candidate's email has hard bounced, you can follow the steps below:


Step 1


Remove the candidate from the interview:

To do this you will need to log in to your Creator account and click on the interview title in the interviews tab. Search for the candidate. Once found select the tick box beside the candidate until the options appear above and select the “Remove from Interview” option.



Step 2


Re add the candidate to an interview using the correct email address:

Select the tick box beside the interview title under the interviews tab. Once selected please select the “Add Candidates” option from the list that appears above.



You can then add the candidate to the existing interview by entering in their correct details and then select the “+Add” option.


Step 3


Send the invitation:


When you have added the candidate to the interview, you just need to send the invitation to them by selecting the “Send Invitation” tab.

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