Sonru Select Interview (Asynchronous) process via iOS/Android

Here you will find a step by step guide to the Sonru Select (Asynchronous) interview process via iOS/Android for you the candidate
Candidate Workflow:
  1. Candidate completes application procedure for interviewing company/recruiter.
  2. Candidate receives an email from the Company containing a link to the online interview
  3. Candidate downloads "Sonru Record" from the Appstore/Playstore
  4. Candidate enters their "Interview Code" (shown on the invitation) to begin the process
  5. Candidate enters new or previously used password
  6. Candidate starts interview process
  7. Candidate completes interview process

When you receive your invitation email from the recruiter, it will look similar to the invitation below. If you are completing your interview on a mobile device, you can use the links to the Appstore/Google playstore in order to download "Sonru Record".


When you have downloaded and opened the Sonru Record App, you can enter your interview code into the box and click continue.

You can then enter a previously used password or choose a new one. *Interview code is not the password. 


You will now be at the details page for your interview. Click on "Get Started" to begin the process.

The practice section is to help you get used to the camera and set your device up for the real interview.

You will see the instructions on the the screen to guide you through the practice section.


When you have finished practicing, you can decide if you want to practice again or move on to the real interview. You can also log out at this stage and complete the real interview later.

When you have fully completed your real interview, you will arrive at the screen below. You will also receive an email acknowledging receipt of your interview.

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