Sonru Live as a Panelist

Here you will find a step by step guide to taking part in a Live Interview as a Panelist

Panelist Steps:

  1. Panelist receives link from Recruiter
  2. Panelist clicks link to join the interview
  3. Panelist enters their name and email
  4. Panelist joins the Sonru Live interview
  5. Panelists leave the interview or interview is ended

1. Panelist Recieves link from Recruiter

When a Sonru Live interview is created, the recruiter will send a specific link to any panelists that should be in the interview, such as the Hiring Manager or other members of the recruitment team.


2. Panelists click the link to join the Sonru Live interview

When a panelist clicks the link or navigates to the Sonru Live url provided by the recruiter, the Sonru Live system is opened in their browser.


3. Panelist enters their name and email

All panelists must enter their name and email to join the interview. The panelist is not required to provide a password, and do not need a Sonru user account.



4. Panelist joins the Sonru Live interview

All users will be asked to allow access to their Camera and Microphone, they must click "Allow" to join the Sonru Live interview.

Once the camera and microphone are enabled, the interview area is loaded.

Panelist Interface


  1. Company Brand: Branding uses the Candidate Brand enabled on the account.
  2. Recording indicator: Informs the user if Recording is active: On or Off.
  3. Leave Interview: Allows the panelist to leave the interview.
  4. Interview Title
  5. Candidate Name
  6. Waiting for Participants: If no other users are in the interview this message is displayed.
  7. Candidate: The Candidate video feeds is on the left.
  8. Recruiter: The Recruiter video feed is on the right.
  9. Webcam Video: The panelist’s own video feed appears here


5. Panelists leave the interview or interview is ended

To leave the interview, Panelists can click the “Leave Interview” button, or simply close the browser window.

When the Recruiter clicks “End Interview” Panelists and all other users are also removed from the interview.


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