Security of my data

What does Sonru do with personal Data?

Deletion of Data on request of the client


What does Sonru do with personal Data?

If you choose to provide us with Personal Data, it will only be used by Sonru for the following purposes:

  1. To perform the Sonru Services for which you have subscribed;
  2. For any other purposes explained at the time the information was provided by you;
  3. To verify your identity;
  4. For statistical analysis.

As a data controller of this information, we will only process it in a manner compatible for the purposes for which it was provided to us.

Your videos are encrypted to online banking levels, and Video Data is stored securely in an ISO 27001 certified datacentre. The only personal data stored about you is your name, email and (provided you have given permission for this) your public LinkedIn details, see

The Sonru application uses Adobe Flash Player which needs access to the webcam and microphone to allow recording of your responses – otherwise we cannot record the interview. Access is restricted to requests sent from You can find more information about what is stored by Adobe and adjust settings here:

Data Protection Act
Sonru is registered for Data Protection at EU level, under the Data Protection Commissioner established with the 1988 Data Protection Act. Access certificate
You can also view our privacy policy here:
The illustration below shows the process flow for information within the Sonru infrastructure.


Deletion of Data on request of the client

Data deletion requests, from candidates or clients are handled by Sonru Client Success Managers or Sonru Support staff (Admin Level). Upon request the data is deleted at Admin Level and all related data such as name, email, video and interviewing company removed including all historic usage data.

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