How can I stop Apps from running in the background on iPhone/iPad

This is the method used for iOS 7 and iOS 8


1. Double-click your home button. This will cause small screenshot-like displays of all your running apps to appear.

2. Swipe from side to side to scroll through in order to find the app you'd like to close.

3. Swipe up the screenshot of the app you'd like to close. This will cause the image to "fly" off of the screen. This signifies that your app has successfully closed.

To close all your applications, swipe up all the screenshots until only the home screen is left.

The method below is used for iOS 6 or before



1. Press the Home button. This will minimize any open apps. You will now see your Home Screen. While your apps may seem closed at this point, some are still running in the background.

2. Double-click your Home button. Your Dock will be grayed out and a new row of icons will appear at the bottom of your screen. These are the programs that are currently running on your device.


3. Press and hold an icon. Select a program you want to close. Press and hold it until the icons wiggle and a red and white Close image appears on each icon. You can now begin closing apps.


4. Close your apps. Tap the red and white close icon for each app that you would like to close. You can scroll left and right by sliding your finger to view all of the apps that are open.

5. Return to the Home Screen. When you are done closing all unwanted background apps, press the home button to close the task manager mode.

You will now have no apps running in the background to interfere with your online interview.

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