Bandwidth problem

The Sonru application is designed to work on low bandwidth but does require at least 140 Kbps upload speed. Your connection speed is tested before you begin the interview in your account to make sure you can complete the interview. You can also use a test like this to see what speed you have. You will receive a result similar to the image below, stating your connection speed.

If you have the required bandwidth speed, but are still unable to complete the interview, it may be due to a firewall if you are attempting to complete from inside a workplace or campus environment. if this is the case we recommend that you complete from outside this environment using an alternative connection.

If your connection does not reach this you may contact your Internet provider and request better upload speed. This may have been set low and your download speed does not have to change, which is typically what you pay for. Alternatively, if you are using mobile broadband, you might be able to change location to find a better upload speed. Is it perhaps possible for you to go to a friend or family members location, or a quiet internet café instead?

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