My webcamera is installed but not being recognised.

If your camera is installed properly on your computer but is not being recognised by Sonru, it usually means that another application, such as Skype or the camera software, has activated your camera. 

As a result the Sonru Application cannot get access to the camera. The interview will only be allowed to go ahead if the camera is only being used by Sonru (for security reasons). You do not need to manually start the webcam as it should be picked up automatically by the Sonru application. 

The first thing you should do is to try and see if you have the same experience on a different browser. Your browsers all have different settings, so what does not work in one may work in another. You can also test the functionality of your hardware here:

Below is a list of links to the most commonly used browsers, Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer and Google Chrome in case you need to install any of them. Make sure to log out and close your existing browser before starting again on a new browser.

If the problem persists, try restarting your computer and go straight to the browser without activating any other applications.

If your computer has applications that start automatically, please make sure to Exit out of these so nothing else will attempt to access the webcam or microphone. For cameras connected to your computer via a USB cable, please ensure that it is plugged in correctly.

Best of luck

Sonru Support Team


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