I have a problem with my Microphone

If you are having problems with your Microphone, the first thing to do is see if you are having the same issue using a different browser.

Try and close your existing browser and change to another such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari and start again.

Below is a list of links to the most commonly used browsers, Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer and Google Chrome , in case you need to install any of them.

Make sure to log out and close your existing browser before starting again on a new browser.

If you are still having the same issue, it is most likely because another application has activated your microphone. You can only do your interview if the microphone is only being used by Sonru (for security reasons). To make sure this is not the case try the following: 

  • Shut down your computer
  • Leave it off for a minute
  • When restarting, type https://candidates.sonru.com/invite into your browser url/address bar as shown
  • Enter your interview code in the box provided and click "Continue"
  • Then enter a new or previously used password and click "Continue"
  • Make sure to only have one browser open and one tab

For microphones connected to your computer via a cable, please ensure that it is plugged in correctly.

You can test your microphone here https://www.onlinemictest.com/


Sonru Support Team.


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