The quality of my sound recording is poor – What can I do?

If you notice after listening to your practice questions that the sound quality of your recording is poor then we suggest you try two things.

If you are using a headset:

1) Please check your connection to ensure that it is plugged firmly into your computer.

2) Ensure that the microphone on the headset is positioned close to your mouth. This can greatly improve the quality of the sound.

If you are using an internal microphone:

1) Please ensure that the sound on the microphone is turned up to a correct level (not too loud). You can adjust the volume through the settings on your computer.

The quickest way to change the volume for your computer speakers is to click the Speakers button Picture of the Speakers button in the notification area of the taskbar, and then move the sliders up or down to increase or decrease the speaker volume.


The Sonru application tries to filter out any background noises ,however try to ensure that you are in a quiet room while completing the interview as this will greatly improve the quality of your sound.

Browsers can sometimes effect the quality recorded so please try using a different browser.

If the sound is distorted, it is possible that you have turned up the volume too high. Try to reduce the volume and test again.

Sonru Support Team

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