I cannot get past Flash pop-up to allow access to my camera and microphone

What is happening?

You have selected one of the microphones available in the system, click the Test Selected Microphone button and the Camera and Microphone Access popup appears (see below). However, when you try to click the Allow button nothing happens.



How to solve it?

1.The first step is to make a right mouse click to open a Flash Player menu and click Global Settings ...



2. Flash Player Help page will be opened in a new browser



3. Click on the Website Privacy Settings panel link on the list at the left side. The details will be opened inside Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. 



4. Select the Sonru website URL from the list at the bottom part of the panel and click Always allow:



5. Close Flash Player Help page


6. Reload the page with Sonru application


The Sonru application can now access the microphone and camera without having to have this confirmed in a popup.

You can change this back to "Always Ask" once you have completed your interview. 

Best of luck

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