Technical Recommendations

Information updated 25 May 2017

General Setup Requirements

Sonru is an application that is compatible with all modern web browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11+.

  • Candidate's side:
    • Browser: A minimum of Flash Player 11+ (but preferably later) version should be pre-installed with the computer administrator's permission. The access to webcam and microphone through flash should be allowed.
    • Mobile device: Sonru offers the option of video interviews via the Sonru Record App. Android and iOS specifications are shown below.
  • Interviewer's side: HTML5 player is used for viewing recorded files, so no pre-installation required.

The hardware requirement for desktop users is such that the user's machine can support a modern web browser. 

Candidate Portal

The Candidate Portal is the application candidates use to complete interviews on the web. To complete interviews the following technical requirements must be met.

Browser Support:

The Sonru Candidate Portal supports the following browsers.

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Safari for OS X (latest release version)

Flash Player:

Flash Player version 11+ (but preferably later) must be installed, and the access to webcam and microphone through flash should be allowed through the browser.

Required Internet Connection:

If you are in an area with low broadband connections we recommend you complete your interview on a mobile device using the Sonru Record App. You will then be able record your interview with connection speeds down to 3G speeds as the interview is saved to the device. If you are completing on a browser you will need a minimum speed of 140 kbps upload speed.

Network & Firewall IP address pool:

  •            Ports 443 (HTTPS) & 1935 (RTMP)
  •        Ports 443 (HTTPS) & 1935 (RTMP)
  •          Ports 443 (HTTPS) & 1935 (RTMP)
  •            Ports 443 (HTTPS)

Recruiter Application

The Sonru Recruiter Application is the application customer users access to create and manage interviews, and review candidate responses. To create interviews or review video responses the following technical requirements must be met.

IP Whitelist

Sonru requires that your Network Administrators add the IP addresses below to the whitelist of allowed IP's on your network and mail-server. This will ensure that access to the application will not be restricted, and that emails sent from the Sonru application to your employees will not be blocked by filters or added into quarantine.


IP / Domain

Port Function 443 (HTTPS) Video Playback 443 (HTTPS)  Application Data

Minimum Requirements:

Open TCP port 443 for outbound SSL and non-SSL traffic to * and *
Sonru Live
* Better Experience:
Open UDP port 3478 for inbound and outbound traffic to * and *

Best Experience:

Open UDP ports 1025 - 65535 for inbound and outbound.
( - 127)
  Outbound Mail Server
( - 255) 
  Outbound Mail Server

Note: IPs, or can be removed if you are currently whitelisting them as they are redundant.

Browser Support:

The Sonru Application supports the following browsers.

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Safari for OS X (latest release version)

Sonru Live Requirements

Sonru Live is an application that provides a video conferencing system for interviews between customer users and candidates.

Bandwidth requirements

Video: 300 kbps (recommended lowest level).

Network Requirements:

The Sonru Live service uses port 443. Port 443 must be open on the client network.

See IP Whitelist for further requirements.

Browser Support:

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Firefox for Android (latest release version)
  • Internet Explorer 8 - 11 with the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer (not supported in 64-bit mode)
  • Opera (latest release version)

Sonru Live & TokBox

The Sonru Live system uses a third-party service provided by TokBox, a Telefonica owned company.

TokBox provide the infrastructure, system architecture and services for Sonru Live. Sonru use the APIs provided by TokBox to integrate video conferencing into our software.

WebRTC is the basis for the Sonru Live video interview services. For more information see

Here is a link to the latest version of the pre-call test tool from Tokbox; this tool can help diagnose network and hardware issues:







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