What is the dress code for an online interview?

How to prepare for your online interview:

-Be cautious of the colours you chose to wear as intense/vibrant colours may not be appealing from a recruiters point of view and can look different on their monitors.

-You can check how it looks by sitting in front of your webcam before you begin the interview.


Assistant or Entry-level Sector:

-For these positions you should not overdress but dress professionally.

-Smart casual attire is recommended for both men and women.


Corporate Sector:

For these positions it is important to dress the part. Dressing professionally may also help boost your confidence when you begin the interview!

For Men:
-Professional business attire
-Suit and Tie
-Dark colours

For Women:
-Professional business attire


Other positions:

-Wear what you think is suitable for the specific role!

-If you are comfortable in what you are wearing this will help to put you at ease for your interview.


Other things to note:

-Women should tie their hair back and wear minimal makeup. This will ensure that the recruiter has a clear view of your face.
-Ensure that there is no glare on the screen if you are wearing glasses.

You may also want to have a look at the Quick Tips before you start out: How do I get the best video quality

Be prepared and very best of luck with your interview!


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