What if I exit during an interview?

If you accidentally Exit the interview (by closing the browser tab or similar) you will get a message to confirm if you really want to do this.

The message can look something like this:



Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 13.58.10.png

If you exit out of an interview, this interruption is logged and displayed to the interviewer, in which case you may have to explain to them the reason for the interruption. Most of our clients give you the option to log back in again to continue the interview from the question where you left off.

An Interruption will only occur when an action or event restricts the Sonru application from functioning.

When you are recording an interview, you may on rare occasions get disconnected from the application. The "disconnection" is registered within the application as an interruption. This can happen for technical reasons such as complete loss of internet connection, computer/mobile device malfunction, accepting an incoming call via mobile or another application starting on your mobile device which would take away use of the microphone from the candidate. 

You can still receive emails, updates and messages to your device as these would not require use of the microphone, so would not register as an interruption.  

If this happens, you can log back in to your account and complete the interview from the point where you were logged out. You will be shown the question again and can start recording without the need to contact the Sonru Support team. 

In case of a major problem, it is possible to have the interview Reset (as long as the closing date has not passed and the company is agreeable), but this will require for you to re-do the entire interview.


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