Can I start/stop recording or re-answer when I want?

You should complete your interview in one session.

Each question has a reading time and an answering time. During the interview, you can start/stop recording each question when you are ready, if you do not want to use all of the time provided:

  • Reading the question: The clock counts back to the amount of time you have left to read the question. You can click start at any time to begin answering, if you do not need more thinking time.

  • Answering the question: If you feel you have finished answering a question and there is still recording time left, you can click on circle button down the bottom of the screen to move on to the next question.



Each question will appear automatically and you do not see all the questions in advance. The interview will continue for the time given by the interviewer, unless you choose to shorten the reading and answering time as outlined above.

You cannot re-record an answer, but you are given 2 minutes at the end to add further comments or add further clarification to some answers.


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