What do I need for a Live Interview as a panelist?

Here you'll find all the requirements needed before you join a Sonru Live Interview panel.

What are my device requirements?

You can use a Computer, Laptop or Android Device with a front facing camera

What are the bandwidth requirements?

For the video we recommend 300 kbps (this is the recommended lowest level).

You can check your speed by using a site like this: http://www.speedtest.net

What are the hardware requirements?

A webcam and microphone installed on your machine (internal or external)

You can check that your equipment is functioning properly by testing it here: http://www.onlinemictest.com

Browser Support

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)
  • Firefox (latest release version)
  • Firefox for Android (latest release version)
  • Internet Explorer 8 - 11 with the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer (not supported in 64-bit mode)

You may be prompted to install the OpenTok plugin if using Internet Explorer 8-11

You can see more about the OpenTok plugin here: https://sonru.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/203352882-What-is-the-OpenTok-plugin

  • Opera (latest release version)

Additional Recommendations

Headset with microphone for improved quality and privacy (optional)

Use a wired connection to improve bandwidth and stability (optional)

Test your equipment and also the internet connection that you will be using for the Live interview well in advance of the agreed appointment time to insure full functionality, as you may also have internal IT restrictions in place.

Sonru Support Team

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